Company Introduction

Our Efforts (What We Do)

“Kyoto Protocol”— It is one of the international rules for prevention of global warming.

Japan committed to reduce GHG emissions to 6% under the Kyoto Protocol.

About two-thirds (3.8%) of the emission reduction target was achieved by forests.

The forest is the key to prevention of global warming since it has the power to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2).

We contribute to reduce emissions of CO2 by reducing consumption of fossil fuels such as petroleum by maintaining and nurturing healthy forests and making efficient use of woody biomass through forestry, forest industry, and other activities.

In addition, talking with nature, we work on “fostering of considerate human resources to people and the environment.”

Business Guide

◇Afforestation Business

Let’s cherish forests!
Let’s care for forests!

Not only we harvest trees and use them, but also carry out re-afforestation actively.

We make the healthy, rich forests throughout the year by various works such as site preparation, planting, weeding, vine-cutting, removing and thinning, the wildlife (bear/deer) damage control, snow damage measures, and so forth.

◇Logging Operations

“Nippon” ― a country of trees and forests.

In order to make effective use of these rich forest resources, we perform thinning and clear-cutting of forests which we have inherited from our predecessors.

Currently, the domestic self-sufficiency rate for wood is just under 30%. Japan aims at achieving a 50% self-sufficiency rate for wood.
The forests, forestry, and lumber industry definitely activate rural mountain communities.

◇Special Tree Removal Services

We perform special tree removals, such as removing hazardous residential trees.

Mostly working at heights, our trained experts complete difficult removals in Safety First.

◇Woody Biomass Utilization

People have lived benefited from forests friendly to them for a long time.

Although society and living environment have changed significantly, we want to review once again and cherish the forest resources that have not so much utilized.

We take advantage of these forest resources to charcoal, to fuels for firewood/pellets stoves, to logs for shiitake mushroom growing, to wood chips and other wood wastes for woody biomass power generation and boiler, and so forth.

◇Civil Engineering and Construction Works

We perform construction works such as site preparation work, forest road construction, construction of dike for shore sand prevention.

◇Mega Solar Business

Renewable energy use has been required.
We are proactively engaged in construction of mega solar power plants.
So far, we have been conducting business in Takahiko Three Country GC, Shizuoka Prefecture, Sodegaura city, Chikusei city, Miyako city, Hitachiota city, Spa Fukuroda GC, and Aikawa of Daigo town.

◇Decontamination Business

In order to support reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, we worked on the decontamination business in addition to participating in various volunteer activities.

We deeply hope for the earliest possible recovery of the disaster area.

Safety and Company Activities

◇Safety Activities

Staying healthy and safe at work is most important.
Health and safety managers/promoters and risk assessment persons in charge are united to promote safety measures activities.
We hold monthly risk assessment meetings and a safety meeting in summer.

◇Company Activities

By enhancing company recreation such as sports, music, and other activities, we deepen mutual exchange.

Community Activities

As a member of the local community, we are working on revitalizing the area.
We are actively involved in the activities such as holding of forest classroom for elementary schoolchildren, “omotenashi” (hospitality) flower/tree planting for visitors, donation of benches to the elementary school, laying wood chips on the schoolyard, and participation in various PR events of wood.

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